The company EMM. D. KOUMAKIS SA founded in 1979, embodying the vision of its founder Emmanuel Koumakis, to create a dynamic and innovative company in the industrial products serving the power transmission, conveying and manufacturing specialized equipment for industrial use.

Today the EMM. D. KOUMAKIS SA housed in facilities owned factory space, administration offices and warehouses in the industrial area Thessaloniki. It also has production facilities, warehouses, private shops, showrooms and offices trafficking in Thessaloniki, Athens and Heraklion in Crete, in a total area of over 22.000 m2.

During the last decade, the EMM. D. KOUMAKIS SA with a clear strategy to improve its position abroad, developed in Southeastern Europe. Today, the subsidiary companies of Serbia (KUMAKIS D.O.O.) – Belgrade, Bulgaria (KOUMAKIS E.O.O.D.) – with stores in Sofia and Plovdiv, in Romania (KOUMAKIS INDUSTRIAL S.R.L.) – Bucharest, Turkey (KOUMAKIS HAREKET ILETME LTD ) – Istanbul, Albania (KOUMAKIS SH.P.K.) – Tirana, and the end of 2012 in Kosovo and F.Y.R.O.M. successfully meet the needs of the this market.

The EMM. D. KOUMAKIS SA has a leader position in industrial power transmission and conveying sector. Contribute in this direction:

  • The representation and cooperation with over 250 international brands such as HABASIT, SIEMENS, TIP TOR, GATES, RENOLD, DUNLOP, SANDVIK, THK, ROSSI, BOSCH REXROTH, KABELSCHLEPP, FLEXCO, WAM, MOTOVARIO and ELECTRO ADDA.
  • The latest equipment in storage and distribution systems (WMS) for faster and accurate delivery of customer orders.
  • Ongoing training and development expertise in many industries and technologies in the customer service staff to offer the best solution in terms of quality and price of materials.
  • The implementation of quality standard ISO 9001:2000 to ensure consistent and effective customer service.
  • The art systems of economic organization and computerization (CRM, Forecasting) functions of the company.

The upward progress of the company, EMM. D. KOUMAKIS S.A. sealed with new strategic alliances in the Greek market and internationally, serving customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA.

With continuous investment in people and in high-tech products, the company EMM. D. KOUMAKIS S.A., is committed to more effective partnerships with suppliers and with its customers.