The company EMM. D. KOUMAKIS SA founded in 1979, embodying the vision of its founder Emmanuel Koumakis, to create a dynamic and innovative company in the industrial products serving the power transmission, conveying and manufacturing specialized equipment for industrial use.

Today the EMM. D. KOUMAKIS SA housed in facilities owned factory space, administration offices and warehouses in the industrial area Thessaloniki. It also has production facilities, warehouses, private shops, showrooms and offices trafficking in Thessaloniki, Athens and Heraklion in Crete, in a total area of over 22.000 m2.

During the last decade, the EMM. D. KOUMAKIS SA with a clear strategy to improve its position abroad, developed in Southeastern Europe. Today, the subsidiary companies of Serbia (KUMAKIS D.O.O.) - Belgrade, Bulgaria (KOUMAKIS E.O.O.D.) - with stores in Sofia and Plovdiv, in Romania (KOUMAKIS INDUSTRIAL S.R.L.) - Bucharest, Turkey (KOUMAKIS HAREKET ILETME LTD ) - Istanbul, Albania (KOUMAKIS SH.P.K.) - Tirana, and the end of 2012 in Kosovo and F.Y.R.O.M. successfully meet the needs of the this market.

The EMM. D. KOUMAKIS SA has a leader position in industrial power transmission and conveying sector. Contribute in this direction:

  • The representation and cooperation with over 250 international brands such as HABASIT, SIEMENS, TIP TOR, GATES, RENOLD, DUNLOP, SANDVIK, THK, ROSSI, BOSCH REXROTH, KABELSCHLEPP, FLEXCO, WAM, MOTOVARIO and ELECTRO ADDA.
  • The latest equipment in storage and distribution systems (WMS) for faster and accurate delivery of customer orders.
  • Ongoing training and development expertise in many industries and technologies in the customer service staff to offer the best solution in terms of quality and price of materials.
  • The implementation of quality standard ISO 9001:2000 to ensure consistent and effective customer service.
  • The art systems of economic organization and computerization (CRM, Forecasting) functions of the company.

The upward progress of the company, EMM. D. KOUMAKIS S.A. sealed with new strategic alliances in the Greek market and internationally, serving customers in Europe, Middle East, Africa and USA.

With continuous investment in people and in high-tech products, the company EMM. D. KOUMAKIS S.A., is committed to more effective partnerships with suppliers and with its customers.

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Fields of Application

1. Textile Industry

2. Printing, Paper, Postal

3. Wood Industry

4. Tobacco Industry

5. Food & Beverage Industry

6. Agricultural Industry

7. Material Handling & Airport Belts

8. Business Μachinery Equipment

9. Packaging & Bottling

10. Automotive & Tire Industry

11. Cement Industry, Mining & Queries

12. Marble, Brick & Tiles Industry

13. Steel & Metallic Process Industry

14. Recycling & Waste Treatment

15. Chemical, Oil & Gas Industry

16. Energy Industry, Natural & Renewable Sources

ISO Certificate



Our Company Emm. D. Koumakis SA, for many years has been involved with commercial import/export, commercial representations and sales of Industrial Power Transmission Products as well as the Processing, Cutting, Joining, implementation, maintenance and Service of Conveyor Belts, Power Transmission Belts and Conveying Systems in general. The Company throughout the years has achieved maximum reliability combined with the optimal interaction toward its customer base, and at the same time respecting in an absolute fashion all the legislature involved with this activity. All of the aforesaid attributes have helped in establishing the company as one of the leaders on the field having at the same time two very distinct advantages:

The management of Emm. D. Koumakis SA fully commits to the current legislation based on the existing commercial rules. The management along with all personnel involved have complete knowledge and abide by fully, the Quality Policy that has been structured and is followed by Emm. D. Koumakis SA.

  • That the policy which it follows is suitable for the purpose and the services it provides and is according to the Management System that is applied in line with the Quality of the provided services.
  • To provide a distinct framework for the achievement of Quality Reasons and Quality Targets.
  • For the compliance and maintenance of legislation and commercial rule.
  • For the establishment of accountable Quality Targets and their accomplishment.
  • For the full involvement of all Personnel to this effect.
  • For the continuous strive to upgrade the Quality System in place though the applied Management system and in full accordance to the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.
  • For the Accessibility and Publication of it to whom it may concern.
  • For the implication, maintenance, review and constant improvement of this Policy and the M.S.

 The Basic Criteria for the implementation of the Policy are:

  • The Commitment of the management to Provide all the necessary funds and means to ensure the unobstructed, efficient and effective operation of the company along with the correct allocation of natural means.
  • The absolute effect of the Hellenic as well as the European legislation and the international standards , to operate the company.
  • The determination of the Quality targets and the systematic observation and review of its implementation.
  • The communication and briefing to whom it may concern, so that they are informed for our status and the results of our continuous efforts to improve our Quality Standards.
  • The continuous education and sensitization of all our personnel and business associates to encourage their dynamic is commitment on our effort to improve the Provide Services and the working environment.
  • The Pro – active approach on all of the organization and by all means, in order to ensure the avoidance of all dangers, that could potentially harm the Quality of the provided services.

 The present Policy is updated and reviewed accordingly in cases of major and substantial alterations on the operational subject of the company, or following special occurrences, and all such is reviewed on the actual retrospect of the Total Management System.

Thessaloniki 01 Mai 2017

Koumakis Dimitris


  • Central warehouse storekeeper

    A storekeeper is required for the central warehouses of our company in the industrial area of Thessaloniki in Sindos (ΒΙ.ΠΕ.Θ.)….


Stores Contact



Monastiriou str. 283, 54628

Phone: +30 (2310) 514301
Fax: +30 (2310) 529176



Λεωφόρος Αθηνών 86, 10442

Τηλέφωνο: +30 (210) 5140557
Φαξ: +30 (210) 5142224


Ηράκλειο Κρήτης

Λεωφόρος 62 Μαρτύρων 224, 71303

Τηλέφωνο: +30 (2810) 314457
Φαξ: +30 (2810) 318489



Industrial area of Thessaloniki B.B.32, PO.B. 1199 – P.C. 570 22 Sindos

Phone: +30 (2310) 796791
Fax: +30 (2310) 795156



Industrial area of Thessaloniki B.B.32, PO.B. 1199 – P.C. 570 22 Sindos

Phone: +30 (2310) 796791
Fax: +30 (2310) 795156



Industrial area of Thessaloniki B.B.32, PO.B. 1199 – P.C. 570 22 Sindos

Phone: +30 (2310) 796791
Fax: +30 (2310) 795156



Industrial area of Thessaloniki B.B.32, PO.B. 1199 – P.C. 570 22 Sindos

Phone: +30 (2310) 796791
Fax: +30 (2310) 795156


Company Product Leaflet

Here you may download the Company Product Leaflet in which is presented the product range of our company. Please select the file in the language you desire to download.